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On Demand Webinar – Discover the Power of Chat

On Demand Webinar Hosted by Service Strategies

Discover the Power of Chat Support! A Key Service Differentiator

Discover the Power of Chat SupportIn this webinar, Dawn Foley, principal program manager at EMC discussed the value and benefits of developing a differentiated online service experience by leveraging Chat as a support channel. Dawn shared insights regarding how Chat can become an enabler to increase customer satisfaction with a 1/3 faster Time to Resolve than that of other support channels and how it will attract customers to your online support offerings.

A few of the lessons learned that were discussed include:

♦ Staffing, infrastructure, collaboration and process design to deploy Chat in the enterprise space.
♦ The importance of a paradigm shift from the traditional call center model to a synchronous global model.
♦ Considerations in creating a business strategy to meet customers’ multi-lingual requirements with Chat.
♦ KPIs that are most relevant and impactful to a successful Chat channel
♦ The importance of not only establishing but holding the gains of Chat as a service channel.

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Special Guest Speaker

Dawn Foley - EMCDawn Foley
Principal Program Manager – EMC
Dawn Foley is responsible for the EMC’s Global Chat Channel program. She leads a global team focused on driving significant innovation and expansion of EMC’s Chat support option. With more than 13 years of experience in technical, network, escalation and infrastructure services management, Dawn has held a variety of technical, customer-facing and management roles within EMC’s Support Organization.




Title: Discover the Power of Chat Support! A Key Service Differentiator
Date: Dawn Foley, Principal Program Manager – EMC
Broadcast:  October 2013
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  • Allen Stark

    good presentation on your adoption of chat into your support offerings. It wasnt clear to me if your customers have an optinon of Phone, Chat, Email, and Web and migrated to chat on there own or if phone hours of availability decreased to move customers in the direction of chat. Also, can you share your CSAT scores for phone, web and email to kind of benchmark the high Chat results. I’m struggling to understand how you have higher Chat initial resolution rate than you might have on the phone.

    • http://servicestrategies.com/ Greg Coleman

      Allen, thanks for the comment. Here is a response from Dawn.

      Posted on behalf of Dawn Foley…

      Hello Allen, Thank you for your kind words! Our customers do have a choice of channel, we did not reduce or change the available hours for phone support but we did supply a message introducing Chat in the phone channel that explained the benefits and how to use Chat before the user could reach the phone menu. We also provide many announcements about Chat on the Web.

      The CSAT for Phone Web and a chat do differ from Channel to Channel. We typically measure the difference between Phone and Chat. The reason we do this is because Phone was the Channel we were trying to displace. As such we found that the Chat Channel was typical 5-10% higher in Chat than that of the Phone Channel.

      The way to measure Initial resolution rate can be subjective; however, if we look at the time to resolve in its entirety it may tell a better story. The Chat channel typically resolves 71% of the issues raised in that channel during the initial Chat Session in a couple of hours. Whereas the Phone Channel’s resolution duration is on the average of a few days. This is due to the Chat Channel is a direct connect model and the Phone Channel is largely a “Call Back” model with many reconnection points during the resolution period.